— Noah Rubin (@noahrubin33) (PC: Peter Wald)

Behind The Racquet

From the beginning of my life there was nothing I loved more than chasing around that yellow ball. Wherever it went, I followed. I could not always articulate the impact I wanted to make but I had this innate feeling that I needed to leave my mark on this sport. As I progressed through the levels, meeting and experiencing all there is to, I started understanding that there is a true disconnect between how spectators interpreted this field and what actually “is”. The perceived glamorous, travesty free, lifestyle was far from what is actually taking place. The combination of this blinded misconception along with the antiquated mentalities of some at the top, running our sport, made me feel a responsibility to implore change. I have grand dreams to drastically evolve the sport we all love in order to prevent this continuous decline of fans. This is where Behind The Racquet (BTR) plays a major role. I realized that this disconnect has arisen partially due to the lack of connection between potential fans and players. I started BTR to give players the platform to share their stories on their own terms, while also giving fans an opportunity to relate to a player on a deeper level. In doing so I am also helping to fight the stigma of talking about mental health, especially in the world of professional sport. I truly dream that these stories, told by honest and bold people, inspire you to see deeper into who they truly are. Everyone has a story and it’s time to share yours.


The names you all know and love. These are the icons of the sport of tennis that have left an ever lasting impact on this world. You will find out the journey and passion of players that have legacies that continue for generations.


Tennis has always brought some of the most powerful, wealthy and well-known names to an even playing field. Through this initiative, you’ll learn just how deep the impact of this passion lies.


If you are inspired by the stories you are reading on this page, it is now your chance to become a part of it. Go to the contact page and share your tennis related story.

  • Why do you love tennis?
  • How has tennis impacted your life?
  • Why can’t you stop watching it?
  • What does this sport mean to you?

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