Bradley Klahn

February 28, 2019

February 28, 2019 “As I look back, anxiety has always been something I have struggled with. In 2014, I hit my career high and things were seemingly going pretty well, until I got injured. I missed about six weeks for my back at this time and I slowly started to feel myself getting antsy. As I look back there were more than a few stresses that built up to this crescendo. Despite the wave of emotion from breaking through the top 100, I thought there were more eyes on me now, which led to the thought of, what now? Dealing with ongoing back issues, I don’t think I was completely honest with myself with what I wanted. It is now two weeks before my first French Open main draw. It felt as if I had no control of my mind. I had a panic attack on my flight from Dallas to Paris. It was nine hours of some of the most agony and pain I have ever felt. I thought that every breath I took could be my last. After getting to Paris, I could barely practice. I would walk off the court immediately and hop into a car to

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