Cameron Norrie

April 27, 2019

April 27, 2019 “In the fall of my sophomore year at TCU, after a standard Thursday night out at the bars, I made my way back to my dorm. We all had a pretty big night and definitely a couple too many. I decided to drive my moped to my girlfriend’s place, who I was dating at the time. I didn’t even make it 20 metres when I ended up falling off and bashing my chin on the steering wheel. I left the moped on the ground surrounded by blood everywhere. The next day I needed 6 stitches in my chin. I called my head coach and explained what had happened. He absolutely shredded me to bits (as he should) and called a team meeting. I remember it so clearly; telling us that I could have easily been killed and I shouldn’t have been sitting here with the boys. It hit me hard. I had failed the concussion protocol test the next day. I was supposed to play the Dallas challenger that weekend, but I had to pull out. Along with a couple other incidents, both coaches gave me their final warning or else I‘d be kicked off the team.

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