Carol Zhao

May 26, 2019

May 26, 2019 “Woke up this morning to your familiar touchAs I stretch my elbow above my head, the pain is just as muchMy body is sore and empty, my soul wary and incompleteIt’s day number 363.—Eighteen needle marks on my bodyDoctors say this time is the last, I feel crazyTo side with hope, to take your pain and uncertainty And now there’s a hole in my knee, we were almost ready—Sometimes I feel like giving up, but my brain won’t let meJust hold on a little longer, keep it steadySometimes I feel like letting go, but my heart won’t let meIf you wanted these words, set me free I’m ready—Been to the sides of the universe to find a cureBurning leaves, blue blankets, hanging off a tree and moreI run for the keys but you hide the locks in the floorYou’re the toughest villain I’ve met, of that I’m sure— I feel as though I’ve crawled this mile beforeI’m showing up again on my knees at your doorI’m doing all I can, two thousand hours by the shoreNothing is enough for you, is it anymore—Sometimes I feel like giving up, but my brain won’t let meJust hold on a

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