Ekaterina Makarova

August 30, 2019

August 30, 2019 “I never think that I should be playing another sport but the long year of tennis is exhausting. Other sports have two-three months off to use as a break. I understand that other sports may push their players harder during the short seasons but there is no way they are put in the same amount of stressful situations as tennis players are. It’s tough to say because very few of us have played other sports at this level. Looking at the other side it might be extremely nerve-racking knowing you have to do well in a shorter amount of time rather than having the chance to play every week. We just don’t know, I can only speak about tennis. After the Olympics in 2016, all other sports went on holiday, to relax and recover, some for even over a year. Some girls from home, in synchronized swimming, rested for two years and then began preparing for the next Olympics. For the tennis players, it’s totally different since we had to fly to the US Open the next day. Everyone was looking at us like we were crazy. The travel is really one of the toughest parts of

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