Elina Svitolina

May 19, 2020

May 19, 2020 “Compared to the other players, my journey has been gradual. I was always moving one step at a time, trying not to lose the momentum of improving my game. I played the $10,000 events, then the 25,000 events, and then slowly started getting into Grand Slams. Then I was playing on the biggest stages and trying to break into the Top 10 but I put too much pressure on myself. No matter what you are ranked, you always want more. When I was number 30 in the world, I thought, ‘If I am in the Top 10 I will be happy,’ but when I found myself in the Top 10, I was crying after losing matches. It never ends and it’s never enough. I learned to enjoy every match, even the toughest battles. I have been a Top 10 player for over three years now. It is important to maintain a consistent frame of mind and I have brought this to my game as well. When I was transitioning from juniors to the professional circuit, there was a lot of doubt. People expect you to improve more quickly and you compare yourself to other players who are

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