Elise Mertens

April 26, 2020

April 26, 2020 “It is not easy taking that big step from ITF to WTA. I was top 10 in juniors and I felt like I was in the dark again, starting over. It was exciting that I can start from scratch but also scared about how much work was ahead. Even with all the travel with my mom, I think my character is a bit more like my dad. He doesn’t play tennis or know a lot about it but he knows me really well and has helped me mentally get through things. I started playing pro tournaments later than others, around 17. I went fully pro at 18. It wasn’t easy in the beginning learning about all the new opponents . You begin by losing a lot of matches at first. The feeling of winning my first 10k was an unbelievable feeling. That winning feeling keeps you going, the passion keeps you going. I used the inspiration from other players in order to raise my level of tennis to theirs. After reaching 500 you get a feel of it, and just want more. It doesn’t always go as fast you want and tennis players are not very patient.

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