Fabrice Santoro

September 13, 2019

September 13, 2019 “Traveling was really the reason I had to stop. Even with the incredible fun I had on court when I was like 40 in the world I felt a need to change into a different field. On one side I feel lucky to be able to travel around the world and see different cultures, and on the other side it was just tiring. From New York to Tokyo and then Moscow, in one month, it’s three different worlds that you have to get used to. There’s a real chance that we never have a normal life. After 21 years on the tour, I couldn’t imagine seeing a suitcase in my living room any longer. I just wanted to be home. I’m not sure the crowd is always able to see the difference between a good and great match, but they can see the difference between someone having fun and someone not happy to be there. People come and watch my matches many times because they want a show. They came to forget their work for a few hours, to forget their problems. If they look at us and get a feeling that we are not happy to

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