Filip Peliwo

February 20, 2019

February 20, 2019 “I was always a bit of an underdog. People saw me as a dangerous opponent who could beat top guys on a good day, but who never really went that deep into tournaments. Nobody truly expected me to be a contender for junior slams, so everyone was pretty surprised that I made four finals, winning two of them in just a year. That obviously changed people’s perspectives. It was definitely a lot of pressure, having everyone expecting me to be top 100 right out of juniors. When you have high expectations, you start paying too much attention to the results rather than the process. You start to lose confidence and doubt your abilities, thinking whether or not you’ll actually make it. Especially when the health issues set in, it’s easy to get negative. It took a little while to get the bigger results going, but I made steady progress. I had some bad luck in the summer of 2016. I took a trip to Asia, which was around six or seven weeks long. It was right after I lost the last match of the trip. I was supposed to fly out the next day, when I got

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