Gaby Dabrowski

July 6, 2019

July 6, 2019 “Between 2006 and 2010, I was Canada’s top junior, winning Nationals U14 & U18, and being the 1st Canadian to win Les Petits As and the 2nd to win the U18 Orange Bowl. My skills, talents and success were largely the product of my first ever coach, my dad, and my training at Saddlebrook in Florida. I wasn’t developed by our Federation, Tennis Canada, nor their National Training Centre. In fact, anytime I did try working with their coaches and fitness trainers, I got injured, missed vital tournaments/matches and became borderline anemic due to their negligence. I also had to tolerate inappropriate comments, and was called a liar when I reported the incidences. Further, in my transition year from being a #5 Junior on the ITF rankings to the professional tour, my Federation promised me a “world class coach” to further develop my game, and then reneged on that promise and wouldn’t support or fund me unless I did everything their way. Their way included sharing a Tennis Canada coach with another girl, and not allowing my dad or Saddlebrook or any other training base to be in the picture at all. I couldn’t accept these terms

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