Gian Marco Moroni

August 6, 2023

“I started having panic attacks when I was young. At first, they just sometimes happened. In 2021, though, I started to have them more often.I remember the final in Milan, I was playing the match with a panic attack. I ended up cramping *in the end* of second set because I was so tense. All I could do was tell myself to relax and sing to myself. In the end, I managed to control it and it was okay.During those times, I try to think about my *niece* . *She’s* four and the thought of *her* relaxes me and makes me happy. I think for guys of our generation it’s pretty normal to have these kinds of things. It’s just about managing it. It’s emotions, and I love to feel emotions, so for me it’s fine.Along with the panic attacks, in 2018, my back problems started. It was the year I was cracking inside the top 200. I had started the year around 800 and worked my way to 218 by the end of the season. And it was also the first year I played six months in a row.As a junior, I had injuries that had gotten in the

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