James F. Goldstein

September 3, 2020

#CelebrityBTR “ I was a ranked junior tennis player in Wisconsin and played on the freshman tennis team at Stanford University. I was not only a tennis player but an avid spectator of the sport. I remember going to Forest Hills in the ’50s and watching the US Open and Davis Cup. I’ve been a regular season ticket holder at Indian Wells for over 30 years. That is my favorite event in the world of tennis. I love that tournament. Even though I stopped competing, I have continued playing tennis throughout my life. I’ve played almost every day during the pandemic. I always dreamed of having my own tennis court. I’ve been doing construction work on my property for 40 years and the tennis court was always part of the plan. About five years ago, I realized this dream. Not only do I have my own tennis court, but it’s become world famous, much to my pleasure and enjoyment. I was able to buy the house next door and build the tennis court there. It’s become known as an infinity court, with a view of all of Los Angeles. Many of the top players have been here. Roger Federer and

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