Juan Manuel Cerundolo

December 28, 2023

“My father has a club, and my mother was also a tennis coach, so both introduced me to tennis. I’ve had a racquet in my hand since I was three years old. I think I got lucky when I was young, because I won the Orange Bowl under 12. From there, I thought, “Oh, I’m one of the best players in the world at this age, so I can do this professionally. I can try at least.” That was the moment where I knew I really wanted to do this. When I was a junior, I was immature. I didn’t take tennis nearly as seriously as I do now. When I started playing pro, I think that’s when I changed my mentality. In the juniors, I thought because I was top 10, I could win every Future – like it was going to be easy. But it was tough. Every guy was grinding, hitting a lot of balls. That’s when I started training more and acting like a professional. The first month was a little tough because coming from Argentina, it’s hard to get opportunities. I had to play all Challengers. I won three, but there were moments where I

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