Lara Arruabarrena

June 27, 2021

“I always played tennis because i loved the competition and had so much fun during my matches. Practicing was always tough and i never liked it a lot but i knew i had to practice well to be able to be competitive during the tournaments and it was totally worth it and i really enjoyed everything. During my career, I have also relativized a lot everytime i lost a match thinking i would have another chance next week. As they say “new week new chances” and that’s how i always saw it from inside. Specially when is so difficult to win a tournament and all players except one, lose. From when i was 19 to 25 years old, i was ranked between top 70-90 in the world and at some point i got bored of it cause i though i could do it better. So in 2017 i hired a new coach, started working with mental coach, followed super strict diet, i had bigger goals, more expectations and my journy was 24/7doing things for tennis and improve my game and be more proffesional. I changed so many things about my game, my way of thinking and my way of behaving, not just

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