Lebelo Mosehle

March 28, 2021

#MyBTR– “I started playing tennis at the age of 6 in Lesotho, Africa. I was a swimmer first but they were charging 5 cents and my family lived off an $80 salary for a group of 5. My older brother started playing tennis and I was fascinated by the fact that he would bring tennis balls back and sell them in my village. I only got a pair of shoes once a year, and that would be on Christmas. I competed for years barefoot and my feet would tear until I started bleeding.  I would take a few days off, then when I felt better I would go back again. At the time I was only 8/9.  When I turned 10, I quit playing to help my mom start her business selling clothes on the side street so I can contribute to helping my family.  I had to grow up and basically be a man at 10.  One of my coaches (Letona Mokhitli) came to my house and talked to my parents about how much talent he thinks I have.  So my parents let me go back but I had to sell oranges from office to office so I can

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