Lloyd Harris

March 9, 2019

March 9, 2019 “I didn’t know the path I was going to take. My parents sacrificed everything, financially, for me to play and there just wasn’t enough left. I thought this would force me to play college tennis when all I wanted to do was go pro. There were even thoughts of not playing tennis anymore and just studying. During the last tournament, that my parents could afford, I decided to play a future instead of a junior event. I qualified for two futures and made quarterfinals of one, and semi finals of the other. From this success, and wowing the people back home, I got enough support to play five more weeks of futures around Africa. During this trip I won two futures, which proved to myself and others that I could compete and beat players 300 in the world and better. From this success came a management contract, which supported my travel and a great team around me. Regardless of how well it went at first, I was still grinding futures with the occasional challenger, for two to three years. I was unable to fully able to break through. It all took a turn when my father passed

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