Magdelena Kerres

February 14, 2021

#MyBTR- “Tennis has changed my life, in a great way! 2013 was somewhat a big year for me, full of events of both good and bad. It pretty much reaches from getting bullied, to finding the sport I love and my dad receiving a cancer diagnosis. A year full of emotion and growth. Back then I was a very overweight teenager, I was shy and afraid not to “fit in”, yet I considered myself as happy and always tried my hardest to stay positive. My tennis journey started at the beginning of that year with watching a video of @vichka35 , on my search for a sport I would enjoy. Something about her positive attitude I could relate to and her game that fascinated me, that gave me the motivation to try tennis myself. But it wasn’t until about 6 months later until I was on court the first time because an unfortunate incident came in between. A series of teasing and bullying hit me and my last bits of self confidence were destroyed. My constant fear it could happen again anytime and anywhere kept me from starting. So finally after a few months I managed to gather all my confidence and

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