Marc Maurer

October 6, 2023

#MyBTR “I started playing tennis when I was seven, but I stopped because I had to decide between a team sport, which was hockey, and tennis. I went on and played hockey, but I’ve always appreciated the game. I’ve watched a lot, and now I’m taking lessons again every Friday. On the last holiday I took, I played every morning. I just really love the game. I’ve always thought, though, why not make tennis a bit more of a team sport and get different people together that share a love for the game. On was founded in 2010. We were very fortunate that we were able to grow, especially in the US. What we learned from running and from the CloudTec technology gave us the permission to grow in other sports. Then, through meeting Roger, we had the opportunity to go into tennis. I think we saw tennis itself needs to be more inclusive and bring more to the community. And then we realized we can bring more innovation to the products and basically create a performance product that you can wear all day, every day. It was a huge growth and apparel opportunity. Why not mix the sport up

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