Mats Moraing

May 17, 2019

May 17, 2019 “It was right after high school. I completed school and was ready to compete on tour. It was only the first tournament of my career, while watching a match, I felt this crazy chest pain. It only got worse and worse. After visiting the physio at the tournament and them not having any idea, they called an ambulance for me. I got to the hospital and they took many pictures of my chest and found out that my lung was literally falling apart. I could breathe but it was really painful. They first thought it would get better over time, on its own, but after a few days, they had no choice. They were forced to operate and fix my lung. The operation took about four and half hours. I was on really, really strong painkillers, so for the first few days, out of the total three week stay in the hospital, I felt out of it. I was continuously losing weight, which for me is never good. The start of my career was a year out from tennis. They were relating my quick height growth to this problem, but it was mostly bad luck. I wasn’t

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