Mihaela Buzărnescu

February 23, 2020

February 23, 2020 “You get used to it once it becomes a habit. For me, I enjoyed discovering another side of myself, another personality. I like understanding more about the world, in order to share with others. I don’t think many people would think I would be where I am now, but my PhD in Sports Science has opened up new opportunities. Injuries are never easy to deal with, as it takes away from your tennis, but it gave me a chance to study. Many tennis players don’t ever have a chance to see the other side because of people around them. There is always an idea that school is something you can come back to if your tennis career doesn’t work out. They feel that if you just stay focused on only tennis that’s the way to succeed, but it’s not always true. With my education I have interacted with so many different people, on different levels, in so many different fields, that I would never have had without it. Through my education it has allowed me to believe in myself more than ever. I can only picture myself playing another four or five years on tour. It may

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