Nathan Pasha

February 8, 2019

February 8, 2019 ”I started playing tennis at the boys and girls club. At nine years old I was homeschooled. My mother knew how much I loved to play the sport. She would do anything for me. Between wanting to spend time with my siblings and I, and wanting to watch me progress as a tennis player, she sacrificed everything just for that goal. This was not easy since it was basically one parent while growing up in the projects. My father wasn’t around much. When I was thirteen, I watched him get sentenced for real estate fraud. Despite always having a connection, since he was my father, we never became that close because he was in jail for most of my childhood. The living situation wasn’t ideal. It got so bad for about two years we lived without running water, heat and air conditioning. The limited money affected my tennis. We didn’t have enough money for me to continue to play or travel. Since I was the best in the south for my age group, and got along really well with everyone in my section, people were extremely generous and would pay for my trips to tournaments, if I

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