Olga Danilović

July 2, 2020

“Both my parents were involved in sports. My mom was a sportscaster on national television and my dad played in the NBA. They have been together since age 16. I never felt pressure from my parents that I had to be an athlete. From a young age, I had freedom to do what I wanted. I tried ballet. I tried ice-skating. Then I tried tennis. Since then, I have been with my racquet all the time. Players often have a love-hate relationship with tennis. I had a lot of tough moments but I can’t imagine myself not being on the court practicing and playing matches. There is no pressure like there is in tennis. People often ask about my transition from juniors to the professional circuit. Honestly, I never understood what they wanted me to say because when I started playing in the professional circuit, I won two $15,000 events and played in the final of a $25,000 event. I won my first WTA title in Moscow in 2018. I had a quick rise to the top but then life hit me. It was not all going to be that easy, not everything would be rainbows and flowers. There had

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