Rebecca Peterson

April 1, 2021

“I was born with a racquet in my hand, figuratively speaking. My sister was one of the best U14 in Sweden before she got injured and decided to play college tennis. My family is from Estonia, and my dad grew up competing in the Sovjet Union. He started working as a tennis coach in a local club when my family moved to Sweden.Tennis came naturally for me, and I remember being around the courts and developed a big love for the game from a very young age. I loved everything about the sport, playing with my dad and friends, hitting against the wall and even watching people practice. I was constantly holding a racquet in my hand. I basically lived in the tennis club, and it was the place I felt the most joy. I have never been forced to play, and it has always been my choice from the beginning. I remember my dad always telling me to play as long as I wake up and love what I do, but that is always up to me how hard I am willing to work for it, because life is not easy. My family has always been my inspiration for

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