Robin Haase

March 18, 2021

“I have been very fortunate with almost everything in my life. But there are certain things that make you think differently. My former coach was convicted for the murder of a friend of mine in 2016. He is still in prison. Dealing with that situation was like being in a strange, bad movie. It was very tough to handle the press. I had nothing to do with the situation but every article used my name in the headlines. I had emotions as well but was suddenly put in the center of the story. This lasted until nearly two years after the murder. The press told me they used my name because it sold more news. During this time, I did not leave my house for two weeks. Then I went out for lunch and people recognized me so I walked with my head down. I was almost embarrassed to be there because I did not know if they knew me from the tennis court or press from the murder. What did they think of me? This was not an easy time in my life. I always enjoyed playing tennis but during this time, I did not want to be on

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