Romana Tabak

January 26, 2020

January 26, 2020 “My family wasn’t into tennis and they didn’t give me the support I needed. The passion for the sport came from within when I found tennis courts near my house. My coach was like a father to me as he also helped raise me. I was fortunate enough to get the help needed from the Slovakian tennis federation. I was constantly putting pressure on myself that I wasn’t good enough and I was supposed to have the ranking that past champions had at my age. I had trouble playing challengers when my mind was only thinking about grand slams. I just never had the team around me I needed. It was sad to see the agency that signed me not trying to help with the development of me as a player, just worried about the money opportunities and wildcards. It was within the same year of getting my best ranking when doctors found out I had Lyme disease. I was devastated by the news. Doctors did say that I would be able to return after a few months off, but for some reason I felt that deep inside my career was over. I was mentally exhausted and

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