Salvatore Caruso

December 22, 2019

December 22, 2019 “My family didn’t have a great financial start when I first played tennis. I had to start from zero. Growing up in a really small town in Sicily was not easy. There wasn’t a very large culture for sports. I began in a really small club with only two courts. When the coaches at my club told my father that I had potential he didn’t believe them. He thought they were just trying to get us back for our money. Playing tennis in Sicily was so strange that I was even made fun of for it. They would call me ‘Salvo the Strange’ solely because I played a different sport than everyone else. I was constantly made fun of and it did hurt. I now have amazing friends through tennis, which was worth it. It was never easy for me to go a different path. My family had generations of men who owned this one shop. They sold bedding and underwear in the city of Avola. It started with my great grandfather, to my grandfather and sadly will probably end with my father. I had a mentality that others could not understand. My mother was a teacher

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