Sebastiáo Hibon

March 26, 2020

March 26, 2020 “ I was born with a degenerative disease called Cystic Fibrosis. Things got ugly and I was forced to get on the transplant waiting list. Luckily, 9 months ago I received a double lung transplant. I am very grateful for this beautiful opportunity to be born again However, a double lung transplant isn’t easy and definitely not simple. It is an extremely complex procedure with a tough recovery. Incubation, IVs, some broken bones, 6 chest tubes, bronchoscopies, daily exams, rehab, half a hundred medicines, extreme food/hygiene cares, drug side effects, and the list goes on…I’ve had some post-transplant complications too. I had 2 rejections and I’m struggling with a bronchial stenosis which still prevents me from breathing well. Tennis is one of my biggest passions. In the middle of it all, I managed to get back on court and playing tennis as soon and as often as possible. I haven’t grabbed a tennis racquet since a year and a half before the transplant, except in my living room, just to feel the love for the sport in my hands. I stepped on the court just 2 months after the surgery, not playing but to just feel it

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