Stewart Bristow

February 21, 2021

#MyBTR– For 40 years tennis has been a part of my life including a tennis journey with my daughter Sadie. Sadie, ranked UKs no1, a huge potential, winning over 40 competitions across the UK at 9. Sadie’s passion is tennis; life with only tennis in our minds.A few days after Sadie died I needed to return to tennis; to my community, to what we both love so much. Tennis helps me cope. The mental battle is immense; the only way I can handle it is via tennis. The trauma of the day Sadie suffered a sudden and unexplained anaphylactic shock; constantly at the front of my mind. What’s stopping it from exploding is tennis.As a family we started a foundation. Its aim to reach children in schools and clubs, giving them the chance to be introduced to the sport no matter where they are from, become more athletic in day to day activities. Providing opportunities and pathways; being inspired. Sadie inspired me and people she met. During a national competition; reaching the final, between matches doing anything to keep moving and focused. Passing her opponent, Sadie stopped, ‘Come and warm up with me. Let’s get ready together, it will be

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