Xavier Healy

April 8, 2020

April 8, 2020 “The recent Australian bushfires have devastated large parts of the land I call home. This crisis had also put a literal cloud over the Australian Open, and it is deeply personal to many Australians and, increasingly, many in the tennis community. Tens of people have died, millions of hectares of land have been burnt, much of our wildlife has perished, and entire communities have been devastated after suffering through years of drought. The bushfire smoke had hit South America, and NASA estimated that it would travel the entire globe. As Australians, we live with the threat of bushfire every single summer. Our rural communities are always prepared for the worst, and our firies are true heroes. While my family home in Ouyen were safe, my parents were asked by emergency services to evacuate in December before potentially disastrous conditions could hit our town. My Gran and my cousins were also evacuated from their homes when a sudden grass fire almost struck Wodonga. I’ve also been in constant contact with friends that are firies, fighting on the front line, or who have lost their homes and businesses. While the world looked on and sent their thoughts, prayers and

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