Doug Ellin

April 21, 2019

April 21, 2019 “Tennis was a large part of my family. We didn’t grow up wealthy and tennis was a true elitist sport. My mother knew this was a sport I could play my whole life and was adamant about making me go to lessons, starting from the age of seven. I was never amazing but I became a huge tennis fan in the process. I can watch it all day long no matter the tournament. Even while producing Entourage, tennis was a part of my life. I always had the dream of getting a professional tennis player, even like a John McEnroe, in one episode, but it sadly never worked out. I ended up shooting a ping pong episode, which was somewhat of a tribute to my love for tennis. My love for tennis translated great into pickelball. It has allowed me to at least feel as if I can compete with better tennis players. I am fortunate enough to play with some tennis greats, such as Sam Querrey. For a slow Jewish guy, pickelball allows me to feel like I have some kind of chance against them! Through this fun competition has grown great friendships. One of the (more…)