Panna Udvardy

January 27, 2022

“There is always a little bit of fear of not succeeding and disappointing the people around me, but the feeling of wanting to achieve my goals is a lot stronger than this fear.  Tennis really changed my life when my family and I moved to Australia. We lived in Sydney for a year, where I played tennis and trained at the Sydney Olympic Park. I got into the best Australian team and I was training with the best juniors. Seeing how other people train and what professionalism is at a young age really opened my eyes and I decided I wanted to be a professional player. I went home and decided I want to start practicing every day. My coach was living 1.5 hours from my hometown so I had to travel by train every day to get to practice, but I was so motivated I just wanted to do whatever I could to achieve my dream. All the way throughout juniors, my parents were helping me with my tennis — everything went through them and was very comfortable. When I turned 19 I decided I needed to take more control over my career and be independent, so I started (more…)