Terence Atmane 

July 18, 2023

“Tennis has changed my life since the first day I walked onto the court. At the beginning, it was almost stressful, because I was saying to my parents when I was seven years old that I wanted to be the best tennis player in the world and I wanted to dedicate my life to it. But it’s a choice I’ll never regret, and I’m glad my parents approved and were so supportive of my decision from that first day. I think something that differentiates me from other players is my instinct. I’m very unpredictable on the court. My IQ is over 158 – I’ve been designated with HIP, high intellectual potential – so when my brain is working correctly on the court, I can be dangerous because I’m not thinking like other people do. Sometimes, though, it can lead me to make the wrong choice because I get nervous or start to overthink. But this is something I’m working on, and I think I can turn it into a weapon on the tour. Fear is a big part of the game, but, to be honest, I’m not thinking about it often. I’m just doing my best every day, on and (more…)