Anastasia Potapova

September 1, 2019

September 1, 2019 “It’s a nonstop battle. When you begin playing Juniors, you’re starting from the bottom. I worked my way to the top which made me really happy but I immediately realized I had to start it all over again. As soon as your junior career ends you have to begin to do the same thing as a professional. It’s not easy coming in playing girls older and more experienced than me. Physically and mentally, to go from constant success to losing early every week is difficult. It doesn’t matter what I am doing, whether I’m playing tennis, in school or any other activity, I want them to go as planned, because I’m super competitive. I thankfully have an incredible team by my side that helped me. I’m also so stubborn. If I say yes to something I will do whatever it takes to get what I want. I never thought that I should be playing another sport. I just took my chance with tennis and worked everyday to achieve my dream. I never look forward, I always just live in the moment with what I have now. When I started playing pro tennis, reaching top 100 for even (more…)